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Our Story

Initiated by Lucille Groves in 1986, six women met to discuss the formation of a new club for women from Upstate South Carolina - Salem, Clemson, Seneca, Walhalla, Westminster, Chickasaw, Central - with no geographical boundaries, as long as they were willing to drive to Seneca. 


The purpose and only requirement was that the club be community-service oriented and help children. This seemed to be the area of greatest need which was not fulfilled by other groups. Plans were to have speakers of interest, perhaps a musical portion and tea.


The Club's Purpose and Objectives never changed:  The objectives of this club shall be to promote the social-cultural interests of its members and to aid existing groups that help children.


As the Upstate experienced rapid growth of new residents who had been active in their previous communities, it was hoped that this club would blend newcomers with established residents and draw everyone together to work as one. 


The new group offered opportunities for new friendships and community service.  


Approximately 60 women attended the first club meeting and 49 became charter members. Bylaws and guidelines were set for the new group, the Cosmopolitan Club.

Lucille Baumgartner Groves.webp

Lucille Baumgartner Groves
Founder, Cosmopolitan Woman's Club
July 1916 - April 2010

"Love is something that you can leave behind when you die. It's that powerful!"
(John Lame Deer)

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